Our Members

Courtney Scott

Social Chair | Mezzo-soprano | Psychology + Minor in Education | 2019

Hometown: Cerritos, California 
Audition Song: This Love – Maroon 5
Fun Fact: She’s the mom of the group. 
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “All of the amazing people that I have met. I truly feel like I am part of a family with this group and I wouldn’t trade it for anything” 

Naosuke Yamaguchi

Finance Chair | Bass | Psychobiology | 2019

Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA
Audition Song: Stay With Me – Sam Smith
Fun Fact: When he goes back home during quarter breaks, he likes to sleep until 12PM and then do 3 months worth of laundry with his dog Aiko.
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “I love that I can be myself and sing with incredibly talented people”

Brianna Wummer

Music Director | Alto | Physiological Sciences | 2020

Hometown: Castro Valley, CA
Audition Song: Love Song – Sara Bareilles
Fun Fact: Sunflowers are her favorite flower!
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “I love how Awaken is a place where I can relax and not think about school!” 

Danielle Singer

President | Soprano | Communications with a Specialization in Computing | 2020

Hometown: Moved many places but was born in Los Angeles, CA.
Audition Song: Gravity – Sara Bareilles
Fun Fact: She’s vegan and gluten free!
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “I love how much Awaken has a fun and welcoming atmosphere. I get to sing and enjoy myself while also being around the people I love. I know so many people are going to say this, but we are a family!”

Saagar Godithi

Business Manager | Baritone | Computer Science | 2021

Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Audition Song: My Way – Frank Sinatra
Fun Fact: You’ll never see him at a dining hall without hot sauce.
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “Awaken provides me with an environment to destress from school”

Celia Gleason

Asst. Social Chair | Alto | Cognitive Science | 2021

Hometown: Princeton, NJ
Audition Song: Remedy – Adele
Fun Fact: She can juggle.
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “Awaken has given me so many great friends and something to look forward to every Tuesday and Sunday!”

Fiona Ray

Asst. Music Director | Mezzo-soprano | Ethnomusicology Jazz Studies | 2021

Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA
Audition Song: If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
Fun Fact: She was an Irish dancer for 14 years and hopes to continue in the future
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “My favorite thing about Awaken is that it feels like we’re a family”

Ca-Zao Bui

Asst. Music Director | Alto | Economics | 2021

Hometown: Milpitas, CA
Audition Song: Take Me or Leave Me (Rent)
Fun Fact: She doesn’t sweat. 
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “How Spencer likes his eggs solid” (inside joke from 2017-18 year!)

Mariel Carreon

Alto | Cognitive Science | 2021

Hometown: Merced, CA
Audition Song: Feeling Good – Nina Simone
Fun Fact: She almost got attacked by a snake in Yosemite this past summer.
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “Our fam is dope and woke af”

Karima Karkori

Mezzo | Pre-Communications with Theater minor | 2022

Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: She Used to Be Mine – Sara Bareilles
Fun Fact: Her favorite color is yellow and she can recite any show by Lin Manuel Miranda by heart.
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “Favorite thing about Awaken is the super awesome and talented people and I’m excited for all the fun we are gonna have this year :’)”

Amy Lyn Williams

Mezzo | Musical Theater | 2022

Hometown: Loomis, CA
Audition Song: Life of the Party (The Wild Party)
Fun Fact: Her high school physics teacher was the teacher from “Welcome to Physics” vine
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “So excited to be a part of the Awaken family!!”

Sophia Inaba

Mezzo | Musicology with Neuroscience minor | 2019

Hometown: Cartersville, GA
Audition Song: Almost is Never Enough – Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes
Fun Fact: Looking at the Google image search results for “whimsical” automatically lifts her spirits
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “I’m excited to connect with new friends and make memories through singing together!!!”

Madden Partin

Bass | Biochem Engineering | 2022

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Audition Song: The Way You Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
Fun Fact: He has visited over 30 countries 
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “How close and friendly everyone is!”

Varchasvi Vedula

Bass | Applied Mathematics | 2021

Hometown: Kolkata, India
Audition Song: Take Me to Church – Hozier
Fun Fact: He did a free fall off the top of a car when he was 7 that left him with a chin scar.
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “I love that we’re so laid back as an a cappella group. We have all of the a cappella fun without 5-hour rehearsals or unhealthy competition and I think that’s amazing!”

Sean Taylor

Tenor | Masters of Public Policy | 2020

Hometown: Fountain Valley, CA
Audition Song: Jealous – Labrinth
Fun Fact: He doesn’t own blue jeans
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “I’m excited to make new friends and for the opportunity to keep music in my life.”

Chan Kim

Tenor | Statistics | 2019

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Audition Song: Lately – Stevie Wonder
Fun Fact: He talked about the birthmark on his pinkie toe during a scholarship interview and still got the scholarship 
Favorite Thing About Awaken: “I love working together towards a goal and the journey that comes along with it. I hope that we can make a positive impact on people this year. I’m so excited to spread joy through our passion for music!”

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